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Special Traps Available

Double and Triple Negatives 5KVD & 5KVT

Standard negative traps permanently joined for security for "all or nothing" Pay TV options.

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Special Applications

Lowpass & Highpass

Channel Bandpass


Economical Channel Deletion

Combined Video/Audio 5KV2S2
Less lower sound impact than the negative series, where both video and sound trapping is desired.

Special Frequency Trap 5KV-(MHz)
We retune the nearest standard video trap to your specified frequency to be installed at off-air antennas or in network to suppress interference.

Sound Trap 5KS
Next higher video traps tuned down to specific sound frequency used for parental mandated sound trapping.

FM Carrier Trap 5KFM
Traps a specified frequency (88-108 MHz). Installed on off-air FM antenna to suppress strong station overloading on all other stations.

Positive (Decoding) Trap 5KVP
Note: This trap is available to CATV systems, only. It removes the jamming carriers and restores the video and audio to the subscriber of the paid premium channel.

Note: If you were unable to find a filter product that meets your requirements
please call our Technical Staff for assistance.

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