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SatCom Filters

Whether you are receiving or transmitting in the C, X, Ku, K or Ka bands - we have a wide variety of downlink and uplink filters for commercial and military use.

C-Band X-Band
13961W-I-Silo 17763-Notch
C-Band Receive
C-Band Transmit X-Band Receive X-Band Transmit

Ku-Band K/Ka-Band
17833-1 18411 17104-silo
Ku-Band Receive Ku-Band Transmit Ku-Band Diplexers (uplink/downlink) K/Ka-Band

S-band L-Band
15096 18755
S-Band L-Band


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Toll Free: (800) 448-1666
International: (315) 438-4700
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