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RF & Microwave Products

  • RF Filters

  • Discrete Element

    A variety of filter requirements can be satisfied by using a Microwave Filter Company discrete element (LC) filter. These versatile units cover the broad frequency range of 200 KHz to 6 GHz, and are available in a variety of packages. All standard bandpass LC filters utilize a low ripple Chebyshev design which offers the best compromise of low loss, low VSWR, and high selectivity. Each filter situation is unique, and the data provided on the following pages offers only a small sample of our capabilities. Should a different design become necessary to meet your requirements, MFC can provide units with Bessel, Butterworth, Elliptic, Gaussian, or Linear Phase responses.

    Miniature and Micro-miniature filters are perfect for applications where size is at a premium. The lowpass and highpass versions cover the frequency range from 0.2 MHz to 6 GHz, while the bandpass filters will cover from 0.5 MHz to 6 GHz. These units are usually designed to a 0.1 dB Chebyshev response using 3 to 9 sections, although other responses and number of sections are available to meet specific requirements. A variety of connector options are also available including surface mount. These units provide similar performance to the larger LC filters with the same frequency, bandwidth, and attenuation requirements.

  • Cavity Filters
    Microwave Filter Company’s Iris coupled, Combline and Interdigital bandpass filters are fixed tuned filters that feature sharp stopband rejection and lower losses than comparable discrete element or tubular (transmission line) bandpass filters. Parallel coupled, distributed round rod resonators provide high-Q with small size and excellent bandpass response. These units are particularly rugged and well suited for military and severe environmental conditions. The type of filter selected is usually determined by the desired 3 dB bandwidth percentage of center frequency.
  • Waveguide Products
    Microwave Filter Company, Inc. offers a complete line of waveguide filter designs including bandpass, band reject and diplexed models as well as adapters and other accessories.   Available waveguide sizes range from WR22 to WR650 covering the frequency spectrum from 1 GHz to 40 GHz with bandwidths up to 15%. MFC bandpass designs exhibit excellent out-of-band rejection making them idealy suited to receiver front-end or transmitter applications.

    Designs are available with 2 to 18 resonator sections to satisfy the most severe requirements. Construction materials include copper, aluminum and invar and may be folded to meet with specific customer configurations.

  • Wireless and Miscellaneous Products
    Microwave Filter Company, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide variety of filters, duplexers and special items for the wireless marketplace. The products included in this section are a representative sample of our more popular product offerings for the following bands: 

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