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Notch Filters

6367 & 6556 Series

The Model 6367 is easily tunable over a wide range of frequency blocks between 22-900 MHz and are available in single, double and triple cavity arrays. These filters provide ultra-selectivity even for those in close carriers, such as adjacent FM signals. Dual adjustments allow the user to control the frequency and the bandwidth of the notch, making this filter quite a versatile tool.

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Other CATV Filters

SIngle Channel Deletion (Digital)

Multi-Channel Deletion (Digital)

SIngle Channel Deletion (Analog)

Multi-Channel Deletion (Analog)


Lowpass & Highpass

Channel Reprocessing Networks (CCTV)



Cable Simulator


The custom Model 6556 is cut to your specified frequency between 900 - 1450 MHz. These filters are fine-tunable and are also available in single, double and triple cavity arrays. Ideal for removing interference from cellular (PCS), satellite (blockband) or any other carrier within this band.

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3468 Series







Series 3468 suppress interference or reduce spurious carriers. They are easy to tune with two self-locking screwdriver adjustments. (There is only one tuning adjustment for the 3468-FMS.) They are housed in a seamless steel case sealed against moisture. The traps can be experimentally adjusted to reduce out-of-band interference whose frequency may not be precisely known. Each tuning screw controls the frequency of a separate, sharp notch which may be used independently or synchronously to give the notch and bandwidth shown. For a nominal extra charge, units can be tuned and marked to specified frequency.

3469 Series

Series 3469 are sound carrier traps used to reduce sound carrier levels. These are narrow band notch filters which are tunable with a self-locking screwdriver slot. Controlled sound reduction with minimum impact on color is achieved by tuning into the sound carrier from a higher frequency (clockwise slot rotation.) The 3469 can be factory preset to customer specified frequency.


5891 Series

The Model 5891 is installed at the off-air antenna to prevent pre-amplifier overload from strong UHF.

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