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Lowpass & Highpass Filters

6211LP/HP "Brickwall" Series

The 6211LP/HP series of lowpass and highpass filter networks consist of channel deletion filters and a custom-designed lowpass or highpass filter. This combination results in a "brickwall" filter which eliminates a block of channels while preserving the adjacent channel and beyond. This allows the end-user to maximize CATV spectrum without sacrificing any necessary channels. Two of the primary applications for these models are: 1) Reinserting an alternate block of programming within the deleted band…..and….. 2) Isolating one portion of the CATV spectrum from another by diplexing a 6211LP and a 6211HP between a common (3 dB) 2-way splitter.

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Other CATV Filters

SIngle Channel Deletion (Digital)

Multi-Channel Deletion (Digital)

SIngle Channel Deletion (Analog)

Multi-Channel Deletion (Analog)


Channel Reprocessing Networks (CCTV)

Notch (Tunable)



Cable Simulator



For Digital "Brickwall" Lowpass & Highpass Filters: Contact Factory

3322 & 3378 Series

3322 lowpass filters pass the segment of the TV spectrum below a prescribed cut-off frequency.
The band segment above the cut-off frequency is suppressed. These filters are AC/DC passing (500 mA Max).

3378 highpass filters pass frequencies above the cut-off frequency, and suppress lower frequencies. Highpass filters are not AC/DC passing.

Alternate "Cut-off Frequency" models are readily available upon request.


10366 & 10365 Series

10366 Series filters isolate bands below the designated cut-off frequency before they are combined for fiber runs. The passband is defined as 50 MHz to any cut-off frequency up to 600 MHz.

10365 Series filters isolate bands above the designated cut-off frequency before they are combined for fiber runs. Passes from cut-off frequency (Fc) to 750 MHz.


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