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CATV Products

CATV Filters
(for DOCSIS 3.1)


These filters are used for CATV equipment proofing/testing as it relates to DOCSIS 3.1.


Single Channel Deletion (digital)

17700 series of channel elimination filters delete entire QAM channel for the purpose of reinserting alternate programming

Multi-Channel Deletion (digital)

17900 series deletes a block of consecutive QAM channels

Lowpass & Highpass (digital - QAM)

Model 19128L – Lowpass Series & Model 19128H – Highpass Series These filter series’ consist of a combination of “brickwall” channel deletion components and lowpass (or highpass) components.

Single Channel Deletion (analog)

3272, 3271 and 14070 series of analog deletion filters provides suppression of single channel clean enough for reinsertion

Multi-Channel Deletion (analog)

7964 Analog (Contiguous) channel deletion network
6971 Analog (Non-Contiguous) channel deletion network
Suppress blocks of channels


3303, 14584, 3160, 4930, 3278(4)-HYP, 8488B and 10351 series of bandpass filters

Lowpass & Highpass

6211LP/HP, 3322, 3378, 10366 and 10365 series of lowpass & highpass Filters

Channel Processing Networks (CCTV)

CCTV, 14580, MDN and 14579 series of Channel Processing Networks (CCTV)

Notch (tunable)

6367, 6556, 3468, 3469 and 5891 series of tunable
notch filters


3367 filters suppress wide, contiguous bands within
the VHF spectrum

Band Splitters
& Combiners

3329 broadband cable band splitters
11194 sub-band diplexer

Cable Simulators

11649 cable simulator


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