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Sam – General Dynamics Decision Systems

“I would also like to express my appreciation for your continued commitment to this effort as well as your excellent support and products…I especially value suppliers that have the same level of commitment towards total customer satisfaction as we do with our customers….Again I would like to thank you for your continued dedication.”

Jeff – Ramstein Air Base/Germany

“Thanks for your outstanding support! Your company is helping us win the war on terrorism by supporting our men and women in harm’s way.

Ryan – Lockheed Martin

”One of the primary reasons for going with MFC is customer service/communication – it has been outstanding starting from the quote stage.”

Adrian - L-3 Communications

“The engineering support from your company has been excellent and please thank all involved.”

Dave - L-3 Communications

“Thanks again for being so helpful. There are few companies that are as responsive as you.”

John – Boeing

“….I’d like to say that we have always received high quality filters from your company which have met or exceeded our requirements. This the main reason we’re coming to you now.”

Michael – Rockwell Collins

“I can tell you that I was very pleased with the responsiveness…..both in terms of how quickly questions were answered and their willingness to work “real time” to make trade-offs to meet size, cost and performance considerations. This is my first dealings with Microwave Filter (I found you on the internet) and will consider you again as a potential vendor for components.”

Tom – U.S. Cellular NE

“MFC’s customer service has always been quite good. MFC has been a really reliable source for many custom applications over the years. I often recommend your company to others, and I’ll be back for other filter needs as they arise.”

Frank – AK Supply, Inc.

“I just wanted to personally thank you for the support that your company has provided to AK Supply, Inc. by assisting us with providing the engineering solution……Bottom line is that your product works perfectly!.....Should I ever find myself in a similar situation, I will definitely turn to your company for the solution. Please pass on my thanks to all of your hard working employees who supported us in this challenge.”

Greg – Time Warner NEO

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the extra effort that you and your teams at MFC have made to handle our urgent request. I will be passing this along to the rest of our engineering folks as well. Thanks very much and I look forward to working with you with our future needs.”

Maikel – Detect, Inc.

“Microwave Filter was chosen because the company was the only one who could deliver a custom type filter in a short amount of time. I am highly appreciative of your company’s ability to change the mechanical drawings and send the quote as expeditiously as you did. This is much appreciated. I am working with some vendors/manufacturers that take weeks to make such changes.”

Mark – Broadstripe

“As always, you people are the best with filters, so yes it meets our needs. I only buy Microwave Filter filters as I have never needed or wanted to use anyone else. Always the right product at a fair price.”

Mark – MBS Radio

“…..the customer service was spectacular…..everyone was very pleasant to deal with and helpful. The delivery of the filter was rapid turn around and I am very happy with the company.”



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Toll Free: (800) 448-1666
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