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STL (7 GHz) / ISM (Lower 6 GHz) Diplexer

Model 18857Download PDF

This diplexer allows broadcasters to run their licensed (lower 6 GHz) ISM band operations through the same antenna as their broadcast auxiliary services (STL). The model 18857 consists of a low band (5.925 - 6.425 GHz) for the ISM feed and a high band (6.875 - 7.125 GHz) for the STL feed resulting in superior isolation between the two feeds.

  • Reduces Costs
    • Eliminates the need for a separate ISM antenna system.
    • Eliminates the need for a separate STL (7 GHz) filter.
  • Optimizes Performance
    • No need to "patch-in" the ISM feed through the STL antenna via "lossy" circulator/filter assemblies.
  • Robust IP Capability
    • The licensed (lower 6 GHz) ISM band provides 4X more bandwidth than the unlicensed* (5.8 GHz) ISM band.
Passbands Low band: (5.925-6.425) GHz
  High band: (6.875-7.125) GHz
Passband LossLow band: 0.75 dB [Typ.]
  High band: 0.5 dB [Typ.]
Passband Return Loss20 dB [Min.]
Power5 Watts
Mutual Isolation40 dB [Min.]
InterfaceCPR137F (All Ports)

Alternate flange/connector configurations are available upon request.

* For unlicensed (5.8 GHz) ISM band applications see our model 16940 diplexer.

18857 Drawing
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